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Boonville, California

A house designed for an artist couple for whom I first designed a studio pole barn which included a garage and guest sleeping loft. The intent was that the barn have the appearance of agelessly belonging to the land. The house was designed several years later on a knoll below the barn with several diverse requirements:

  1. The kitchen/nook area was to have a view of the barn.
  2. The living room was to focus on a splendid ancient oak grove.
  3. The master bedroom was to overlook a future pond/pool.
  4. The home was to incorporate an octagonal library.
  5. The home was to provide walls for art.
  6. The home was to be reminiscent of a country farm home but the clients required that the home be only one story.
My concept for the home was to break it apart into several sections creating the appearance that it had been built in stages over a period of many years. A local historic phenomena I call “additive archtecture” where the original home may have been only one room and grew as the family grew and finances became more abundant. I used multiple sidings (cedar shingles and stucco) to help emphasis this aspect. Not wanting the octagonal library to end up as exterior “kitsch”, I incorporated it into the center of the home as a pivot that allowed the bedroom wing to focus in a different direction than the rest of the home.
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