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Valley of the Moon, Santa Rosa, California

John Kelly, winemaker and owner of Westwood Winery has been the driving force behind this innovative winery design which is based upon a specific winemaking process he wishes to utilize. The aesthetic has European “Romanesque” architectural roots with earth colored plaster walls and “stone” quoins at the building corners and trim around the doors and windows.

The main structure of the winery is 50 feet wide and 224 feet long which will house case storage, bottling, fermentation, crush and grape receiving. The crushing will take place on the second floor of the structure above the open tops of the fermentors. Additional tanks will be suspended above on a third level. Adjacent barrel rooms, storage rooms, offices and mechanical rooms will open directly into the main section of the winery. All grape handling and processes will take place within the 30,000 sq. ft. building area and the additional 5,000 sq. ft. of caves in compliance with the use permit requirements since the winery is located adjacent to a residential area.

The walls of the winery will be constructed of 8 inch concrete block and insulated with 4 inches of rigid urethane insulation on the exterior side and finished with exterior cement plaster. Quoins and trim will be pre-cast concrete. The exterior plaster walls and “stone” trim will be stained with iron sulfate. The roof will be gray (weathered copper) colored metal standing seam.

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